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Pullman Singapore Orchard: A Perfect Blend of Work, Leisure, and Luxury in 2024

Pullman Hotel Orchard

Are you looking for an ultra-cool fashion-forward hotel in Orchard Road?

Well, read on!

With impeccable service, state-of-the-art business facilities, and serene leisure amenities, Pullman Hotels have become a haven for business travellers and leisure seekers. Step into a world where work seamlessly transitions into pleasure, where every moment is an exquisite experience. I had never been to a Pullman Hotel but had always heard such great things about them, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I walked into the lobby with smiles beaming from the reception of the newly opened Pullman Orchard Road Hotel. They recently opened in December 2022, and it’s one of Orchard’s newest hotels. Nestled in the heart of Orchard Road, the renowned retail hub, lies a contemporary and chic haven where business and leisure seamlessly intertwine.

Pullman Singapore Orchard, boasting 326 rooms, is the ultimate playground for today’s entrepreneurs, fusing modern design with intuitive hospitality. Stimulating minds and invigorating bodies, this vibrant hotel captivates guests with its progressive ambience. Adding to its allure is the exceptional P.S.O Beach Club, a one-of-a-kind attraction that offers an unparalleled experience for guests to unwind and bask in the pleasures of this unique oasis.

The Entrance to the Pullman Hotel

If you love fashion, catwalks and industrial New York themes, this hotel ticks all those boxes. The entrance is styled on the seats that line a catwalk with all those fabulously clad models strutting down. A chain link theme is dropping from the ceiling to create an original but modern theme.

You can download their app here if you skip the check-in if it looks busy. This will allow you to get your key and go straight to your room. From the reception, take the lift to the 4th floor and enter the café/bar area, where you can work or hang out with colleagues or friends for evening drinks. It is tastefully decorated and very relaxed for business travellers and influencers alike.

Pullman Orchard foyer

What are the amenities like at the Pullman Hotel?

Take a right to the pool area where guests or the public can book cabanas and enjoy some afternoons sipping one of the 15 roses on the menu or inviting a group of your besties to celebrate your hen’s event or any celebration, whether large or small.

You can genuinely emanate the Pullman Brands motto, “Our world is your playground”, here. Something I would love to do with a bunch of my closest friends! They have named the area P.S.O. beach club, and it’s the first of its kind; get the beach vibe without the sand! Win-win situation!

Pullman Singapore pool

What are the restaurants and bars like at the Pullman Hotel?

Returning to the bar area, you can go to the restaurant Eden, with a glass ceiling especially built for the hotel. They wanted to copy the feeling of being in a fashion factory with glass windows and ceilings, allowing light to the machinists.

So here, you can enjoy a daily buffet breakfast influenced by Asian and Western vibes or food throughout the day. Then, taking the brightly coloured lit walkway to the room lifts, you can feel like you are making quite the entrance to your allocated room.

The room which I viewed was the Club Residence room; if you’re familiar with the Accor brand, you’ll know they have a club class which allows the member to enjoy premium rooms and access to the lounge for complimentary afternoon tea wind down or happy hour drinks before you step out into the night to enjoy Singapore’s fabulous restaurants and nightlife.

Pullman Hotel bar

What are the rooms like at the Pullman Hotel?

The room looked over Orchard Road, but you could not hear a sound. It was so quiet within the space that you could hear a pin drop. The Club Residence room was spacious and comfortable. The elegant industrial design of the room meant that you felt like you were in a loft in New York or Paris.

The bathroom has twin sinks, so you don’t have to fight with your significant other to brush your teeth in the morning, and the atmosphere is airy. Hence, you feel like the space is ample for your needs. The mini bar has a Singapore Sling in case you miss the iconic bar where they were invented.

The Pullman Singapore Orchard has several different room types and a fitness room. In-Room fitness kits are also available.

Pullman Singapore

Do they have a Club Lounge at the Pullman Hotel?

The club lounge, called the archive room which, has separate smaller rooms for phone calls and larger ones for events or privacy. In addition, there’s a fabulous cocktail bar hidden behind pocket doors and refreshing drinks and cookies all day when your sweet tooth is calling you.

Pullman club lounge

Why should you stay at The Pullman Hotel?

You are bored of sterile hotels,
You want to shop till you drop in Singapore
You want a place to hang out and feel “cool” and comfortable.

What’s the catch?
Well, the app was the only thing that let me down. At the same time, it is cool that you don’t need to queue to check in. However, I would prefer that you choose your room and offer the chance of an upgrade if you feel reckless!

What’s the address?
270 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238857
+65 6603 8888

Other things you need to know
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Pullman hotel Orchard
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