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So 17 years ago, my husband and I set off with our little family in tow, embarking on a short-term assignment in Taiwan. Although without any knowledge of expat life or the Taiwanese culture, we took the chance and decided this would be an exciting little adventure; little did we know it changed the direction of our lives forever. So here I am with seven postings under my belt and countless hours flying back and forth between my life in Singapore and my children in Australia. Truly Expat was created; to advise you on all things about expat living.

This website is a sneak peek into the life of an expat with three grown-up Third-Culture Kids (TCK). It is a one-stop shop for anything Truly Expat related. You can find everything from tips on living as an expat to exciting new off-the-beaten-track holiday destinations. Whether you are here for inspiration on travel or to read about other expat stories, this blog is designed to give you a little bit of something about everything truly Expat.

Life as an expat can be fun and rewarding; however, at times it can be challenging and lonely. Therefore, I would love for you to join one of the expat communities via one of our social media platforms and know that you are never alone in this unique style of living. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them.


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