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My 3 Day Itinerary at Our Jungle House

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Our Jungle House

3 Day, 2 Night Itinerary: Our Jungle House

Day 1- Getting to Our Jungle House

Our Jungle House

Afternoon: Relaxing and Exploring

There are plenty of activities, and the receptionist is very helpful and knowledgeable about everything available. Although plenty is available, I chose to meander around the area and enjoy my time in my own Treehouse.

This included checking out all the different types of treehouses and going on a little nature walk (they have a path that takes you to Our Jungle Camp). I was also excited to see the facilities, including a few swings, great little walking paths, a beach, restaurants, and bars. After a walk into town, I spent the afternoon enjoying the serenity of the National Park with a gin and tonic at the bar.

Our Jungle Treehouse

Evening: Thai Dinner

After a lovely Thai dinner at the restaurants, I decided to stay up late. The fresh air and all the travelling got to me, so I enjoyed an early night in my Treehouse!

Day Two: Morning

I was up early and woke to the beautiful sound of the Khao Sok National Park’s wildlife. So, I decided to head out onto the balcony to enjoy the serenity of my surroundings. Something about being amongst nature makes you sit and appreciate where you are! After a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs and a much-needed coffee, I was ready for the busy day ahead.

I chose the Bamboo river activity this morning and could not be more excited. I hadn’t been on a bamboo raft since backpacking in the 90s (now I am showing my age!). However, I was relieved to see that there is actually a seat and there is no need for me to help out in any way (as I had on my last exploration in Chiang Mai all those years ago).

We spent the morning gliding through the jungle on the river, and the tranquillity was overwhelming as I watched the many butterflies that decided to hitch a ride on our bamboo raft for most of the trip. After a stop for coffee by the side of the river (this was so lovely and so very unexpected!), it wasn’t long before we were on our way again.

Bamboo Rafting

Lunch: Farm Tour and Cooking Lesson

After my wonderful morning on the lake, I was excited about learning some Thai dishes. So, I headed over to Our Jungle Camp for my Thai cooking class. To my surprise, I also enjoyed a guided tour around the camp’s farm, where we discussed all the fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown in the area. I picked a few things to incorporate into my cooking class.

What I loved most about this tour was discovering how they give back to the community and what they do for the area’s children. After my tour, I was excited to try my cooking skills and delighted that the dishes were so simple to follow that I even decided to try my hand when I got home.

After my busy morning, I decided to grab my book and spend the afternoon on my deck, enjoying the comforting noises of the jungle.

Cooking Class

Evening: Jungle Night Safari

Tonight, I decided to head out on the Jungle Night Safari, where our guide took us into the National Park (remember to bring cash, as you will need to pay the entrance fee to the National Park here). What surprised me most was how quickly our guide was able to find creatures of all sizes with just a torch.

When I got back to Our Jungle House, I went to the bar, where my guide from earlier in the day entertained everyone with local knowledge about the wildlife in Khao Sok National Park. It was the perfect ending to a very busy day!

Jungle Night Safari

Day 3 – My Final Morning

I was up early again this morning, went for an early morning walk, and mentally prepared myself to depart such a fantastic place. After another delicious breakfast, it was time to say “goodbye” and head off to Cheow Lan Lake for my next adventure.

My stay at Our Jungle House in Khao Sok National Park was unforgettable. It was filled with nature, adventure, and relaxation.

The tranquil surroundings, diverse activities, and warm hospitality made it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As I bid farewell to this paradise, I left with lasting memories and a profound appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. Our Jungle House provided a unique and enriching adventure that I will cherish for years.

Our Jungle House

Want Something a Little Different?

Our Jungle Camp is offering a 3 Day 2 Night Experience – here is the information below, for those wanting to combine a night on the Cheow Lan Lake!


Day 1 – Arrival and Jungle Adventure. Settle into your unique bungalow or treehouse, surrounded by the serene sounds of the jungle. Pick your itinerary, either explore Khlong Sok’s best river activities in the afternoon from 3:00 pm, or join a jungle night safari in the evening at 7:00pm, or simply relax with a soothing Thai massage available until 09:00 pm. River Tubing; this fun activity allows you to take in the natural beauty of the river, and spot wildlife along the river banks, or Canoeing, your guide will paddle you through Khlong Sok, where you can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery as our local paddle man navigates you down the river, or Thai massage: relax and unwind with a Thai massage.

Our expert masseuses will help rejuvenate your body and mind, or Night Safari: Explore the jungle at night with one of our local English speaking guides who will help to spot nocturnal wildlife. Enjoy a Thai or international set dinner (for Night Safari before 07:00 pm). With the rest of the evening to be spent in Our Jungle Bar or on the spacious balconies of your accommodation, enjoying the sounds of nature.

Day 2 – Enjoy a set breakfast at Our Jungle Restaurant. Check-out: Leave your large bags in our luggage room at reception and take your small bag for your overnight stay. Join-in Explorer Cheow Lan Lake Tour and stay in a superior raft house with a private
bathroom. Activities: Embark on an exciting journey to a nature trail and cave hike and lunch at the local house, prior to boarding the boat to enjoy a stunning Cheow Lan Lake. Swimming, and relaxing in the serene environment.

Day 3 – Wake to the natural beauty which surrounds you, and take an early morning boat safari. Return for breakfast, check out and return to the pier. Continue from the lake pier, either to your onward destination or back to Our Jungle Resorts, where your package ends.

– Including of Taxes, Insurance, Meals as indicated
– Not including: Beverages, Entrance Fees to the National Park or Lake Pier
– Prices are indicated per person, with a minimum of 2 person per booking

massage at our jungle house

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Our Jungle house itinerary

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