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My Weekend Itinerary at 500 Rai Floating Villas

500 Rai Floating villas
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Where are 500 Rai Floating Villas located?

With its remote location and stunning natural landscapes, 500 Rai Floating Villas offer an unparalleled retreat for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok Thailand

Why visit 500 Rai Floating Villas?

If secluded, relaxed vibes, surrounded by spectacular scenery, are what you are looking for, then this is all you need to know about 500 Rai Floating Villas.

With very little connection to the outside world, surrounded by wilderness, friendly staff and loads of time to reconnect with loved ones, this place is a haven for honeymooners and families.

It was probably not the best choice for a solo traveller like me, but I still really enjoyed myself as I got a chance to spend quality time doing what I love.

secluded family suite

Day 1 – Getting to 500 Rai Floating Villas

There are two-time slots to be picked up from the Cheow Lan Lake pier: 1130 a.m. and 130 p.m. However, I opted for the 1130 a.m. slot as I couldn’t wait to start my trip.

The suggestion is to arrive at 11 am to pay for the National Park and pier fees, check in via the pier reception, and review the activities you want to sign up for.

The bumboat ride to the resort takes just under 1.5 hours. Along the way, you stop for breathtaking photos.

Chiew Lan Lake

On Arrival – Lunch

Once the staff greets you, it is lunchtime, and you sit and eat lunch before officially checking in. Once I chose my meal, I could take it all in—the view, the serenity, the calmness, and the time to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming.

Afternoon – Relaxing at The Resort

Once I checked in, I went for a swim (literally jumped off my private deck into the water), went for a kayak, and read my book on the deck for a bit. It was time for the Wildlife Safari.

500 rai floating villa

Evening – Wildlife Safari and dinner

You will spend two hours on a bumboat with a guide and binoculars. It is not guaranteed that you will see any big animals such as elephants, but we were lucky enough to see an Indian Bison swimming through the water, another “pinch me” moment. By the time we returned to the resort, it was dark and time for dinner.

Jungle safari

Day 2 – a full day of events

Morning – Lake Sightseeing and Cloth Painting Class

This morning, I woke early for my 7 am. Lake Sightseeing, where we spent the morning seeking out the wilderness. It is amazing how quiet and still the lake is at this time of morning. Besides the sounds of our engine, we could hear the jungle wake with the sound of birds chirping and nature doing its thing.

When we arrived, breakfast was waiting, and because I had a couple of hours to spare before my class, I spent it by the lake reading to the pitter-patter of slight rain on the lake.

From 10:30 to 12:00, I painted a picture of the resort onto a tote bag. Each day offers a different activity, from Palm weaving to kids’ hair braiding.

This morning was relaxing, if for an amateur like myself! I can tell you confidently that art is not my forte, and Mai was lovely enough to help me more than she probably does with 6-year-olds.

Lunch and Thai Drink Demonstration

After lunch, I chose to have a cocktail by the bar. It was hard not to get carried away by the surroundings, and in no time, it was time for my afternoon class.

Butterfly Pea Tea– this drink has been one of my favourites since arriving, so I was thrilled to hear that it was the drink we were learning to make.

I have had this in gin before; once you add some lime and mix it around, the colour changes from a deep blue to a light purple, so I could spend the next hour doing my crossword and sipping on my insert drink name here.

Afternoon Relaxation

There are many things to do here, including spa treatments, kayaking, board games, etc. My afternoon was spent reading by the pool. After watching others play a fierce game of badminton set up by the pool, I spent the rest of my afternoon reading on my deck with my feet in the water.

drink at 500 Rai villas

Evening – dinner

I only have an afternoon sleep if I am sick, so I surprised myself when I took myself off for a late afternoon siesta. The cocktail at lunch, the fresh, clean air and the ambience of the lake are to blame for the afternoon snooze. By the time I woke up, it was time for dinner.

There are two choices at every setting: Thai and Western (as I have chosen the full-board option with my package), and so tonight, I enjoyed a truffle and mushroom pasta with some fresh fruit for dessert.

thai dinner

Day 3 – Morning swim

Knowing it was my last morning before heading off, I chose to wake up early and have breakfast around 7 am a.m. This way, I was able to take full advantage of my last morning in paradise.

After breakfast, I spent my morning swimming, reading and packing my bag for my long trip back to Phuket.

500 Rai Floating villas

10am bumboat

And just like that, my trip is complete, and it is time to check out and head back to Phuket, with a private transfer from the pier arranged by the hotel. (you can grab a taxi at the dock also)

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500 Rai floating villa itinerary

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