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Dusk Restaurant Mount Faber Review

“We are red; We are white; We are Danish dynamite!” This is a chant sung by Danish football fans, red and white referring to the colours of their national flag, similar to the Singaporean-coloured flag.

One of the questions this night was if we would be served some Danish Singaporean food explosions.

Why Mrs Beausang peak(ed) at DUSK?

At the top of Mount Faber peak in Singapore, where the cable car departs from Singapore, there is a small cluster of entertainment and food venues run by Mount Faber leisure group that is nestled into the greenery, with great views over Sentosa and beyond. We were here to try the Nordic-Asian fusion menu, curated by Michelin Star-awarded Danish Chef Henrik Jyrk. Mats are from Scandinavia, so he was keen to try anything that reigned from this area, and me? I am eager to try any food, especially if it’s from a Michelin Star Chef.  The menu was modern European, with a dash of Asian influence and simple but intriguing ingredients.

Standing in front of dusk restaurant

Arriving at Dusk Restaurant Mount Faber

Little did we know what Dusk restaurant had in store for us. A warm, friendly greeting on arrival from the happy staff immediately made us feel welcome. Here the team excel at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. We were stunned by the gorgeous view from this restaurant; its sheltered and openness make it enticing in any weather: rain or shine. I could imagine a lovely glass of red wine with my love while the heavens pour down, and it would feel extremely cosy.

Equally, a cocktail and dinner on a balmy night, watching the sunset and covering the sky with my best girlfriends before dancing would also be part of a fun evening.

Dusk restaurant

What drink should I order at Dusk restaurant and bar?

The music was a lounge-type vibe; it felt cool and fit with the setting and ambience of the restaurant. The customers ranged from young romantic couples to large parties enjoying Christmas cheer. A DJ would be excellent here, seeing you through the early morning dancing away.

Firstly, the vibe called for an appetite opener, a cocktail; I chose a Nitro-Frost Caviar Martini; if you’ve ever seen a nitro machine, it’s pretty impressive and makes everything stick to the bottom of the glass but super thrilling. While the cocktail was a little too sweet, I enjoyed the first sips! Mats had a refreshing watermelon and mint mocktail, as he was interested to see what mocktails they offered.

Dusk restaurant view

What is on the menu at Dusk Restaurant Mount Faber?

Initially, we were sceptical about the wine pairing, as it was a school night; however, after the first dish, Mackerel (Danish Menu title: Mackrel) in clam dashi (Asian-style broth). The mackerel was well-cooked and had a sharp taste; we felt it would have been even nicer with wine. So, we jumped in and had a full-bodied, rounded but dry Chablis, Cellier du Valvan, Louis Jadot Bourgogne 2021. Chablis is delicious at the best of times, and this was no different. I loved it.

The Chablis was paired with the duck (Danish Menu title: Andesteg), which left us questioning why they would pair semi-fatty meat with a white and not a traditional red wine. But as the second course arrived, Paulo, one of the friendly welcoming team, explained that with the weather being so warm, it’s quite a refreshing lift on the dish. The duck was beautifully succulent and balanced well with the Indonesian mildly spiced sauce and the gentle sweetness of the caramelised onion puree; we both were in heaven.

(The mackerel was paired with a prosecco, Piccini Extra Dry D.O.C.)

At the same time, we received a tea cake with Danish salted butter, if there is one thing (actually several things) the Danes do well, that is butter, and this was no exception, with us fighting for the last lashings of it.

Did someone say dessert?

We were then served a classic Scandinavian dessert (Danish Menu title: Rødgrød Med Fløde), ice cream paired with a compote and sprinkled with meringue. The simple but delicious dish was paired with a glass of Danish cherry wine. Danish wine? What? This wine was one of the stars of the dinner. Frederiksdal Vin af Kirsebær Rancio is probably the most delicious fruit wine I have tasted. It had a port-style sensation in the initial taste, sweet but with a depth of flavour, but the end was almost savoury with a hint of warm pepper spice. It worked with the dessert, and I would even go so far as to pair it with the duck. I felt it was versatile enough.

The amuse-bouche (Danish Menu title: Æblesive) arrived, and tiny sweet balls of Danish pancake dough were deep-fried, leaving Mats wondering how four perfect spheres were formed and sat uniformly on the plate.  These were paired with vanilla-apple compote and a nice round-off to the end of the meal… however, it did leave us wanting more.

Dusk restaurant dessert

What else should you know about Dusk Restaurant?

To our surprise, the menu could be served in one of the cable carts, which would have been fantastic.  Where the dinners also receive Poland’s bells of happiness, and these bells guarantee a lifetime of happiness; I mean, who doesn’t need an extra serving of joy? Such a thoughtful gesture and very popular, considering the number of bells surrounding the property. We were fortunate enough to be given a bell each and felt the need to ring the giant bells behind the Arbora restaurant.

Polands bells of happiness

To answer the initial question. We were served some amazing Red and White Dynamite. So the answer is yes, but we were served the even better red and white food combination of Singaporean and Danish cuisine come together in perfect harmony.

This article was written by Rachel Beausang, who has been travelling since she was a dot. Conceived in the Atlantic, great travel things were coming her way from an early age.

Embarking on a global travel adventure at the tender age of 18, backpacking and living in various places from Seattle to Israel and everywhere in between. She has a background in Travel and Tourism. Singapore is her current base with her equally travel-insane husband, Mats. They sleep, dream, write and eat “travel. One-day they hope for world domination or just retirement with a continuous ticket to anywhere will suffice.

She can be reached on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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