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A three day itinerary you can’t miss! Singapore on a budget in 2024

Singapore at night
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So come along on this three-day budget itinerary where you will experience the culture, local food and lots of free activities for an average cost of $50 Singapore dollars a day per person. (Prices may vary from the time of writing this, so please check before you go). I am here to show you how to do Singapore on a budget. What you will find in this article is:

  • Budget Friendly Ideas
  • 3 day itinerary that won’t break the bank
  • Affordable Hotel Recommendations
  • Great activities that the entire family can enjoy
Pulau Ubin

Singapore Travel Guide

Things to know before you go: Travel Tips


Hot and humid is a constant in Singapore; however, the cooler months seem to be at the end of the year and especially early the following year, with January being the coolest month of all. However, rain can also be an issue during these months and can be very unpredictable. The tropical showers can come fast and furious but be gone as quickly as they arrive.

What to bring

  • Umbrella (which most major hotels allow you to borrow), if they are too big and bulky, then a tiny, easy-to-carry umbrella is essential.
  • Fan, I know I know it sounds a little silly, but a little fan tucked away can be a great little asset when you finally sit down after that long walk. This can also be bought at little stalls and small boutiques around Singapore.
  • Comfortable walking sandals, if sandals are not your thing, closed-in walking shoes are also acceptable, but closed-in shoes make the experience even hotter.
  • Little tissue packets can be bought at 7/11 pharmacies or by street vendors and are fantastic for everything from saving your space at the hawker market to wiping down tables.
  • Water bottle, I usually carry one that keeps my water cool, but as long as you have something to fill up, it is okay. Days can get hot, and hydration is essential.
  • Shawl or scarf for women as air-conditioned restaurants, buses and malls can become freezing and having something around your shoulders can take the chill away.
  • You can buy mosquito repellent everywhere in Singapore, but remember to pack it, especially when heading out to places with loads of greenery; Singapore does have dengue fever.
standing in front of the marina bay sands at night


  • Grab/Cab/Gojek – Transport in Singapore is affordable, but do not be caught out during peak hours, when the rain is heavy and late night travel when grab prices can double and triple in price.
  • MRT – (Mass rapid transit) The Public Transport System here is fast, reliable and affordable, and more importantly, it has air conditioning. In addition, you can use either a credit card or Ezlink for buses and trains.
  • Buses are frequent and an excellent way to see the city; they also have air conditioning but can sometimes be crowded during rush hour.
  • Monorail-  Sentosa has a monorail service that only uses Ezlink and is only charged one way (to the island).

Singapore Itinerary

Day one: Sentosa Island Jungle Walk and Super Trees at night


After Breakfast, put on your walking shoes and pack your bathers, as today we are on an adventure to Sentosa. Remember to pack a towel, water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and a hat.

Sentosa Island

Special Note: Purchase snacks from one of the supermarkets before you set out for the day and pack some in your bag each day for just-in-case moments or compulsive buying. It just means you can do Singapore on a budget; you just need to prepare.

Sentosa island walking

Coastal Trail is best for Lots of good jungle fun, with some coastal views of the mainland along the way; this is great for history buffs, including a walk through Fort Silosa, which is by far the longest Trail of them all.

Imbiah Walk is best for nature lovers, which will see you walk through Sentosa Nature discovery, there is a little bit of history here, too, but you have to look closely along the way; this Trail will have you ending at the beach for a swim.

Beach Trail: This will take you along the shortest Trail straight to the beach and along the beachfront. This is the path to take if you want a quick and easy way to get to the beachfront.

Walking on the Sentosa Trail

Special Note: Take your time and enjoy your surroundings no matter what Trail you take; it can sometimes get confusing, and one Trail can lead into the next, but it doesn’t matter because you will find a way down to the beach eventually.

You can choose any beach location to swim, or you can walk or catch the free bus from one side of the beach to the other. Once you have finished your swim and lie on the beach, head to the beach station to catch the free monorail back to Vivo city for your train back to your hotel.

If the weather is not swimming weather then you can visit the Fort Siloso, as there is a newly built skywalk and loads of information about the history of the Fort or join a monster Day tour around the area.

Magical Discovery at Sentosa with Monster Day Tours 
Standing at Fort Siloso

Lunch recommendations:

coconut shake

Early Afternoon and evening

gardens by the bay

Dinner Recommendation

Walking along the bridge at Gardens by the bay

Day two: A day out at Pulau Ubin and Little India


biking through Pulau Ubin

Late Afternoon and evening

After your full day of exploration on Pulau Ubin, catch the bumboat back to Changi Port Ferry Pier, where you can either catch a bus or taxi, grab or gojek back to the hotel to freshen up before heading out to Little India for the evening.

Standing in Little India

Special Note: if you leave early enough, you can check out the murals, and enjoy what the streets offer during the day, then see how this part of Singapore lights up at night and becomes a vibrant place full of activity. This area has much to look at and shows you can do lots in Singapore on a budget.

Standing in front of a door in LIttle India

Day Three: Chinatown and Clarke Quay


The steeple
Buddah tooth relic museum

Lunch Recommendation:

Hawker Chans

Afternoon and evening

River Cruise

Dinner Recommendation

For cheap eats, you can’t go by Zion Riverside food centre stalls, where you can find a wide variety of foods in this hawkers centre for a small price. However, I highly recommend that Zion Road Fried Kway Teow dishes start at as little as $5; opening hours are from 8 am to 10 pm.

Depending on how tired you are (you have walked a lot today), You can choose to walk off that delicious dinner or catch a bus back to Orchard Road before flying out tomorrow.

Clarke Quay

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Accommodation recommendations:

Hotel Chancellor at Orchard

Things to know: The rooms are essential, but for this price, it is good value for money, especially in its location.
Recommendations: Add Breakfast daily to your room to ensure you stick within the recommended budget.

Mercure Singapore on Stevens

Other Hotel options

The W Sentosa Cove Review 2024
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Other cost saving Recommendations:

raffles staycations

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope this post has given you the information you need. If you have any recommendations, tips or advice, I would love for you to share them in the comment section below!

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A three day itinerary you can't miss! Singapore on a budget in 2024
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