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Bintan Lagoon Resort Review

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Bintan Island, Indonesia

Bintan Island, Indonesia, is only a short ferry ride from Singapore. Therefore, it is a popular spot for Singaporeans and residents of Singapore. There are many great hotels and resorts on the island; however, Bintan Lagoon Resort was recommended by friends, so I thought I would try it out for myself. 


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Bintan Lagoon Resort

What to pack for Bintan Island resort

  • Swimmers, flip-flops or sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat
  • sneakers
  • a good book
  • casual clothes for nightly restaurants
  • camera
  • sports clothes 
  • snacks
  • toiletries (the resort offers limited toiletries in the room)
  • Getting to Bintan Island

Bintan Lagoon Resort has its ferry terminal, so you can hop off and be at the check-in counter in less than a few minutes — remember that the direct service does not operate between January and March, as it is monsoon season. So book your ferry ticket early, as tickets get booked quickly in peak season. 

Other Ferry options for the Bintan Island resort

Bintan Resort Ferries operates between Singapore and Bintan Island; there is a complimentary coach service from the ferry terminal to the Bintan Lagoon Resort. There are two types of classes, Emerald class and economy class, which is okay but can be busy, so get there early. Try and check in before so you won’t be too long, do not forget to bring your passport and visa (if required) as you head into Indonesia.

Massages on Bintan Island

The best time to visit Bintan Island Resort

The best time to visit is between March and October. However, if a little bit of rain doesn’t bother you, then in December, as the weather is excellent, you may have a few wet patches.

Bintan Lagoon Resort Accommodation

We chose to stay in a beach-facing room. Which for us was perfect; we love looking out at the ocean daily. The room was a little tired (with our air conditioning and bathtub leaking), but it was clean, and the bed was comfortable. As there were 5 of us, we booked two excellent rooms, and all our children are teenagers, so we fit in nicely.

Bintan Lagoon Resort beach

Pools around Bintan Lagoon Resort

There are two pools to enjoy for all guests; however, if you choose one of the private villas, then you may want to relax in your private pool. The main pool has a swim-up bar, which is so busy you may be required to wait a while to get your drink at any time of the day. Please note this is by far the most bustling place to swim, so it does get busy, so you may need to do a few laps before you find yourself a sun lounger. I have to admit the lounge chairs were a little tired, but the view was gorgeous, so it evened out in the long run.

The other pool is a family pool, and it comes with a waterslide! Don’t be fooled, though. The waterslide is hard to manoeuvre. If you don’t get the sliding correct, you will get stuck halfway (it is funny to watch, though). This pool was less crowded than the other pool, and this seems to be the case every day. It is also very close to the leisure centre, so it is convenient to park yourself for the day.

Bintan Lagoon Resort pool

Bintan Lagoon Resort private beach

This beach was my favourite spot, the water was pristine, and the waves were minimal. Bintan Lagoon Resort’s private beach was never overly busy. However, there aren’t that many lounge chairs, so arriving at the beach early enough to grab a chair is a good idea. The only thing I suggest is to consider where you might like to have lunch as the restaurant is a little too fancy by the beach to walk in, and order take away.

Bintan Lagoon Resort

Free Activities at Bintan Lagoon Resort

Leisure Centre includes Pool Table, Table Tennis, board games, a kids’ play centre, boche and the gymnasium.

Outdoor activities include Volleyball and soccer and a basketball hoop in the pool.

Paid Activities at Bintan Lagoon Resort

Indoor activities include karaoke, batik painting and paintball.

Outdoor activities include ATV, archery, golf, buggies, bike tours, jet skis, paddle boats, kayaks and tennis.

Bintan Lagoon Resort

Restaurants at Bintan Lagoon Resort

There are a few different types of restaurants at the Bintan Lagoon Resort; we ate at almost everyone. Our favourite was the Teppanyaki restaurant, but we also enjoyed the bar food at the Terrace Sports bar. I have to warn you, we found the food more expensive than in Singapore, and after we left, people suggested eating outside of the resort. We spent more on food than accommodation, so perhaps the packages they offer (with food included) might be more cost-effective if you choose not to leave the hotel (as we did).

Bintan Lagoon ressort teppanyaki


There is a golf course at the resort, which seems to be busy. However, my husband chose to meet some friends at Ria Bintan, and he wasn’t disappointed. Most people come to Bintan Island to play golf for the day, and they usually choose Ria Bintan.

Golf club



The location is excellent, even arriving on the public ferry, we were there in no time; Bintan is much bigger than I had ever imagined. Hence, being close enough to the ferry terminal, we didn’t travel much.

Having a private beach was also lovely; the water was clear, and waking up to an ocean view was always a bonus for me. There is nothing more relaxing than an ocean view.

If relaxation is your main priority, then this is a fantastic place; we did switch off and relax (the lack of wifi also helped here), and we were utterly rejuvenated when we left.

There were a lot of choices for food and for things to do. So we were never bored whether it was raining or the sun was shining. We also had the luxury of choosing a different cuisine every night, so we were not spoilt for choice.


The resort is a little tired; it was probably fantastic 20 years ago. Our air conditioning leaked every night, so we had to wake up to a puddle each morning. Or turn it off and sweat through the night. The bath also leaked, so we could only have showers; the staff were friendly and said they would fix it (which they probably did once we left because it wasn’t set while we were there).

The staff were friendly but were definitely on island time. At one stage, I waited at the pool bar for 25 minutes for a bottle of water and a sprite and then was told that the spirit had run out. It was the same at night in the restaurants; we had to walk out of one because we waited so long our hair was turning grey.

Our Teppanyaki dinner cost more than our accommodation. The food was lovely, but the cost was unexpected, considering we were in Indonesia and a tired resort.

Overall, we had a fabulous time; the weather was great, and the staff were friendly, but the resort was tired. Would I come again? Probably not; I have ticked the box on this one for sure!

Bintan Lagoon Resort

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bintan lagoon resort review

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  1. Although my recent visit to the resort was my first, I sincerely hope it will not be my last. Supposedly nothing is perfect, but my three days at the resort certainly came close. The room was well appointed, comfortable, and offered a spectacular view of both the pool area and the ocean. The front desk personnel were patient, courteous, and friendly. That’s the personal touch that I found so great about the hotel and staff. I’ve visited St. Simons many times, but always stayed in rental units. After this wonderful stay, next time will again be at the Resort.

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