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Best things to do in Verona in 1 day

Verona gelato
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Best things to do in Verona

Things to know before you go to Verona

Where is Verona?

Weather in Verona

Verona is a beautiful city all year round; however, the winters get cold, dipping as low as -1 degrees Celcius. This means summers can be dry and hot, reaching up to 29 degrees Celcius or so.


How to get to Verona

Best Verona Transport

Car: Driving in Italy can be exhilarating, exciting and downright scary; however, if you are anything like me and would like a little bit of excitement, then there is no better way to get around this beautiful city.



Hop on Hop Hop-Off Bus

city sightseeing verona

Verona Card

Things to do in Verona

Arena Di Verona

Juliet’s Balcony

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”
Oh Sorry! I got a little carried away, swept up in it all. So whether you believe in romance or not, this historic place is worth a visit. There will be loads of people lining up to touch (Yes, I am not kidding) the breast of Juliet’s statue.

I know I did it without even knowing why I did it (following the crowd of people like sheep, I guess). You can also pay a small fee to stand on Juliet’s balcony if you wish. There are loads of shops with Romeo and Juliet memorabilia to take home for die-hard fans!

Juliet's statue

Duomo – Basilica Di S Anastasia

Castelvecchio Bridge

Best Verona Shopping locations

Centro Storico

Shopping in Verona

Restaurants in Verona

Lunch – Caffe Lamberti Piazza Erbe

Caprese Salad

Dinner – Ristorante Vittorio Emanuele

Gelato – Amorino gelato al naturals

amorino gelato

Aperol Spritz

You can enjoy this drink anywhere and everywhere!
1) Aperol – Aperol is a bright orange apéritif
2) Prosecco – Prosecco is an inexpensive Italian sparkling wine. Good choices range from 12 to 18 dollars.
3) soda – Any unflavoured sparkling water will work.
4) Slice of fresh orange – An orange slice is a classic garnish for an Aperol spritz.

Aperol Spritz

Hotel Accommodation

Best Western Armando

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The best of Verona in 1 day

Other things you need to know


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