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10 Reasons why I fell in love with Lake Como

fell in love with Lake Como
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Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

Things to know before you go to Lake Como



Getting to Lake Como

gelato in como

Hotel recommendation in Como


Everything about this hotel is exquisite, from the rooms to the service to the view. If you plan to splurge once on your trip through Europe and stay in a luxury hotel, this should be the location. Overlooking Lake Como, this hotel knows what the phrase 5 star means. 



The rooms are clean, the staff are friendly, and the location is excellent. This boutique hotel has its own ensuite and balcony. For this part of town (being a little more pricey than other parts of Italy), this hotel does what you need it to do. The beds are a bit hard, so if you struggle with hard beds, then this isn’t the place for you.

Ten reasons why I fell in love with Lake Como

You can take a trip on the Lake to other parts of the Lake

menaggio boats

View the Lake from afar by catching the funicular

The rope pulls one train upwards while the other train descends. When you arrive at the top of this beautiful town, there is so much to see; this is why I fell in love with Lake Como.

view from the funicular

Experiencing the Italian Charm first-hand

Carate Urio

You can stay in one of the big towns like Menaggio or Bellagio.

Menaggio view

Being able to enjoy a meal in any of the restaurants

I love that the further you head up the Lake and move away from Como, the more majestic these towns seem. Not as many tourists, more locals and, of course, more restaurants that cater to the Italians.

So because of this, your meal will feel like it has come straight out of an Italian home.

in love with como

You can hike the mountains around Lake Como.

Lake Como hike

You can hire a speed boat or take a private tour by boat

como sunset

Listen to the church bells ring.

church bells

Chatting with the locals at the bar

No, I am not talking about the bar you might order a beer from; I am referring to the many coffee shops in and around Lake Como. Head to the bar, order an espresso or macchiato (with or without milk) and chat with the locals.

I love that this is a way of life in Italy! The communities are so social that stopping in for a coffee isn’t spent on your phone but chatting with locals.

Coffee in Como

Appreciate the local produce

guidi ice-cream

I know that you will not be disappointed by visiting, and you can see why I fell in love with Lake Como, and it will be everything you imagined and more.

There is a good reason why many people have Lake Como on their bucket list, and now when you visit, you can see why for yourself. 

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I hope this post has given you the necessary information before your next trip. If you have any recommendations, tips or travel advice, I would love for you to share them in the comment section below!

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10 reasons why i fell in love with lake como


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