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The best Singapore 1 Day itinerary [2024]

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Whether you choose Singapore for a layover or to stop for the weekend, it is just one of those vibrant cities everyone wants to visit. It is busy every day of the year and at any time of the day. Singapore is a small country (one of the world’s smallest, in fact) with a population of 5,808,339 million and a land area of 682.7 square kilometres. Combine that with the tropical South-East Asian weather; well, and you have a recipe for the best of Singapore in 1 Day. – UPDATE JANUARY 2024

Singapore 1 Day Itinerary

For most people Singapore is a stop over not a destination, and I get lots of requests for a one day itinerary as most travellers want to get the most out of your one day stop over. I have written another article about covering the cultural aspects of Singapore, but in this article you will find the following:

  • Type of weather to expect
  • What type of transport options Singapore provides
  • Historical events
  • Most popular places to visit
  • Great food and beverage recommendations
  • A full one day itinerary
The Best of Singapore’s Culture in 1 day [2024]

Things to know before you go to Singapore


Although the weather in Singapore is always hot and humid, rain can also be unpredictable. The tropical showers can come fast and furious but be gone as quickly as they arrive. Please note – always bring an umbrella and fan, two fundamental essentials.


Grab/Cab/gojek Transport in Singapore is affordable, but do not be caught out during peak hours when grab prices can double.
MRT – Fast, reliable, affordable, and, more importantly, it has air conditioning; you can now use your credit card and debit card.
Buses – Buses are frequent, and an excellent way to see the city; they also have air conditioning but can sometimes be crowded during rush hour.
Air-conditioning –Always bring along something to protect you from the force of the air conditioning; this is because there is only one temperature setting here – freezing.

ingapore 1 Day itinerary


Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens was included as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015. This tropical garden is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The gardens open at 5 am for the early risers, and there are numerous paths to walk along. The sun typically rises at around 7 am, and during this time, you can see loads of people out and about in the Gardens running, walking and doing yoga. If early mornings are not your thing, head out a little later and join one of the guided tours or download one of the many maps online and figure out your route.

singapore in 1 day botanic gardens

Mid Morning

Fort Canning

At the end of Orchard Rd, at 2 Cox Terrace, to be exact, you will find Fort Canning, a beautiful park with many hidden gems. The Battlebox visitor’s centre is open 930-530pm daily, and you can book one of their highly sort aftertours on Fort Canning here. So whether you wander around Fort Canning on your own or join a guided tour, this is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

Singapore in a day

Lunch time

Shopping – Orchard Rd

Why not head down to Orchard Rd, as it is a short distance from the Singapore Botanic Gardens, most people know this road for one thing and one thing only – SHOPPING!! Yes, one street is dedicated to those who believe in retail therapy. From department stores to restaurants and everything in between, there is something for everyone and every age. If you want to know more, about hidden gems on Orchard Rd from a locals point of you, then – The expats guide to where to live in Singapore – Orchard Rd would be perfect.

shopping in singapore in 1 day


Street Art and a funky vibe – Haji Lane

Head over to Arab Street and Haji lane, where you will find quirky boutique-style shops side by side with great bars and restaurants. These streets are an Instagrammers favourite place, as the graffiti art sprawled along the lane’s walls is beautifully displayed. In addition, you can walk across the street to visit the infamous middle eastern area, which makes you feel like you have stepped straight into the streets of Turkey. So this is the perfect place to be in Singapore in 1 day.

singapore Arab street

Cool places to eat and drink

Breakfast – P.S Cafe

P.S cafe is a chain of restaurants found in Singapore; whether you choose to go there for the ambience (yes, it is that nice) or for the food and beverages (which is why I chose this place), you will sometimes be hit with a wait.

If you have not yet eaten, this would also be an excellent stop for breakfast. Ensure you head to the P.S. cafe in the Paragon as it opens at 9 am, do not be confused with the one in Palais Renaissance that opens its doors at 11 am.

ps cafe singapore

Lunch -Din Tai Fung

With loads of locations, Din Tai Fung can be found almost everywhere. This famous Taiwanese dumpling restaurant has taken the world by storm, so you will always find the queue quite long. However, do not be deterred by this, because of the number of customers that arrive each day; service is fast so that you won’t be waiting long.

singapore din tai fung

Afternoon tea -% Arabica Singapore

You can not hit Haji Lane without stopping at % Arabica Singapore Arab Street. These coffee shops are popping up all over Singapore and rightly so, they sell great coffee for true coffee lovers! If you are after the perfect coffee shop, then the article on “Nine best Coffee shops in Singapore for the true coffee lover” would be perfect for you to read!

coffee and smart phone

Dinner -Vatos Urban Tacos

Although there are many delicious middle eastern restaurants to choose from around this area, I could not go by without recommending one of my favourite restaurants if you only can be in Singapore for one day. This fusion-style restaurant (Korean and Mexican, yes, you heard right) not only have delicious food, but it encompasses a fun, lively atmosphere, which has me coming to back again and again to Vatos Urban Tacos.

singapore jatos urban tacos

Evening -The Atlas Bar

For gin lovers, you will not have seen anything quite like it, as it is the most extensive gin bar in the world. However, if you aren’t a gin-loving kind of person, don’t worry; the menu is extensive and encompasses everyone’s pallet.

Set in the 1920s decore, this place is like you have stepped right back in time. Make sure you book, as the wait can be hours long because, unlike Din Tai Fung, this place is designed for you to sit back and chill.

atlas bar singapore

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I hope this post has given you the necessary information before heading to Singapore. If you have any recommendations, tips or travel advice, I would love for you to share them in the comment section below!

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