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Things to do in Barcelona with kids in 2024

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Barcelona is such a fantastic city that has so much to offer. Whether you are travelling with or without kids, this city is excellent for all ages. I know because I have been there with and without kids. However, this post is about things to do in Barcelona with kids because it was our most recent trip.

Even though the first time around, we had a week to spend in this magnificent city. However, we only had a weekend in Barcelona when we brought the kids along.

Yes, we all fell in love with this great city, and yes, it is child friendly (which makes our trip more relaxed when you are in restaurants, that is for sure), and we have concluded that as a family, it is one of our favourite destinations. 

So here is what to see when travelling to Barcelona with kids.


There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona with kids, and here is a list of things worth mentioning on your trip to Barcelona. 

Visit the famous Columbus monument.  

Why not start your trip with a little bit of history? When touring places, we love to get the most out of trips by having the children learn about the history of the places we visit. Sure, there are many fun activities to do in 

Barcelona, but there are also some great ways to educate your children outside the classroom. 

This 60m statue stands proudly pointing in the direction of his latest voyage, the discovery of the Americas. The Colombus statue, also known as Monumento a Colón and Mirador de Colón in Spanish, was sculpted by Rafael Atché back in 1888.

Columbus statue

Barcelona Olympic Stadium

An Olympic Stadium anywhere in the world is a treat for little (and big) kids. So head to the Olympic stadium and explore on your own or join a tour. Tours of the stadium start at 8 am and finish at 8 pm during peak season and 10 am to 6 pm during the low season.

The stadium is unique in the respect that it was initially built in 1927 for the international expo but lost out on the bid to host The 1936 Olympic games. This meant they were finally able to host 56 years later!!!!! But don’t worry; it was refurbished in 1989 for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Explore Las Ramblas

When you visit Barcelona with kids (depending on the age, of course), keeping them occupied is always on the priority list. So heading down and exploring the busy Las Ramblas is always fun for kids.

Don’t forget to stop by La Boqueria as it is Barcelona’s best-known market, and you will find it has become a tourist attraction. Why? Because this fresh food market is in a prime location in La Ramblas, what better way to keep the kids occupied than to feed them fresh local produce? It is a win-win in my eyes.

the hop on hop off bus with kids

Learn all about Picasso’s Youth

The kids love exploring Picasso’s youth. Book here for a spot on the walking tour and go back in time and discover everything from his first home to his first painting and his attendance at The Fine Arts School.

A tribute to Pablo Picasso was commissioned by the Barcelona council in 1981. With notes from Picasso himself written in Catalan. If your kids love art, they will love this tour.

Tick the Sagrada Familia off your bucket list

This whole family bucket list item is a must because the Sagrada Familia is one of the most iconic attractions in Barcelona. Your family will love this. Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece.  

Although this Roman Catholic Basilica has thousands of tourists a day, it is still a fully functioning place of worship with masses conducted regularly. If you are interested in attending, please check the mass times on the website.

Purchasing tickets online will make your children happy, as the lines can be long. In peak season, the lines can be even longer, and the weather can be hot, which is not a good combination for little ones. 

la sagrada familia

See why Plaça de Catalunya is named Barcelona’s nerve centre

As soon as you arrive at Placa de Catalunya, you will see why I added it to Barcelona’s list of things to do. Built-in 1889, The square covers 48,500 square metres, which is why many concerts and public events are scheduled here.

This family-friendly area, which was once the perfect place for live debates, is now great for gatherings. Discover the many sculptures and fountains or enjoy grabbing food at Barcelona’s most famous cafe Cafe Zurich.

Spend time at a Barcelona Beach

There are a few beaches spread along the coast of Barcelona, so finding a space to park for the day won’t be hard. But, of course, this depends on what time of year you plan your family vacation. 

If you are not heading to Barcelona with kids in Summer, head down to the beach and have lunch at one of the restaurants. There is something special about the ocean at any time of the year. 

barcelona beach

Visit The Cathedral of Barcelona

You can not go past visiting The Gothic Cathedral; its grand appearance is a must for any age. Building commenced in the 13th century and was completed in the 15th century! It took them a long time to build it, so it’s worth taking a look to discover for yourself why it is worth checking out. Your little ones (and big ones, for that matter) will love the architecture as it is very different from most they have seen. 

Check times here before you go; entry starts at 10 am most mornings. However, this can change at any time. Sunday’s usually open in the afternoon around 2 pm; you can now buy tickets for entry, and (with bigger children) you can choose to head up to the terrace and enjoy the spectacular view.

Explore the area of Port Vell

There are many top things to do in Barcelona with kids, but nothing beats spending time near the waterfront. Port Vell is a beautiful area Marina full of gorgeous Yachts. Depending on the age of your children, you can always visit the Maremagnum Shopping Centre, which is open seven days a week. 

Port Vell is also where you can take a boat tour. The tour will show you around Barcelona’s harbour, and you can see significant spots such as The World Trade Center and the Clock tower. 

Barcelona with kids

Stop by Poble Espanyol 

This is by far my favourite thing to do in Barcelona; this is because I love Spain, and although my husband and I have travelled through Spain ourselves, the kids are not so much. So this is a cultural Spanish Center that allows you the luxury of visiting different parts of Spain in a miniature version.

Poble Espanyol is a replica of villages around Spain; this includes both culture and architecture. Check out the handicraft and the museum, along with the history of the creation of Poble Espanyol.

Poble espanyol in barcelona with kids

Fun things to do in Barcelona with kids

Check out the human statues along Las Rambla

I know I have mentioned Las Ramblas previously, but you can’t go past the many human statues in this area. It will have the kids entertained for hours. The human statues are also buskers in most parts of the world, and recently I have seen them popping up all over the globe. 

The kids will love the many varieties of human statues. They will also enjoy the many ways in which to trick these buskers can trick your mind. Wait until the first time they see them move; it will have them talking about it for days.

human statue street performer

Get a portrait done by one of the artists.

There are plenty of things to see in Barcelona, especially around Las Rambla. So why not sit down and allow one of the local artists to sketch a caricature or portrait of yourself or the children?  

It is the perfect souvenir to take away from your family holiday. Many artists are scattered in and around this area, so you won’t have to wait for your turn.  

Enjoy the Magic at Casa Batllo

Another design by Antoni Gaudi, and from the outside, the building looks like skulls and bones. The local name for the building is Casa dels ossos (House of Bones) which makes perfect sense.

Visiting Barcelona with kids has never been more fun as you step inside this building and discover a world of magic. The entrance fee is 15 euros and can be purchased online here.

casa batllo

See Barcelona from the cable cars.    

Riding the Port Cable Car (Barcelona’s two cable cars) was built in 1929. Each cable car accommodates approximately 20 people and takes 8 minutes to cross the port.

I recommend lining up as close to the front as possible, especially if you want to take photos. Although you purchase your tickets online, you can find out the schedule for the cable car here.

Check out the Barcelona Aquarium

Here you will find over 11,000 animals. Barcelona Aquarium is the largest in Europe. So have fun exploring what is in the Mediterranean Sea and keep the little ones amused for hours.

Although there are many things to do in Barcelona with kids, the aquarium should be high on your priority list. Also, don’t forget to take note of the animal feeding times because it is always a crowd pleasure in our household. 

Aquarium at Barcelona with kids

Visit the Catalonia History Museum

The Catalonia History Museum is four floors of exhibitions. This museum is great for kids visiting Barcelona because the children will learn more about the area they are visiting. 

The  Catalonia History Museum is fun for all ages; I have to confess that I also learnt as much as the children. So I guess you could say we all took something away from the visit.

Explore Park Guell

Can you believe that Park Güell began to be built in 1900? Back then, Barcelona was a very different place. It was the largest 19th-century city development project in Europe.

In 1984, Unesco declared it a World Heritage site, and today it is visited by thousands of people. I love Park Guell, the architecture is fantastic, and the kids will enjoy the colours that come to life in and around this unique park. Purchase tickets online and arrive early, the park gets busy, and the weather in summer can be hot. 

Even though children 0-6 years old are free, you will still need to purchase a free ticket to show up at the entrance. 

park guell

Spend time at the chocolate museum  

What kid doesn’t love a Chocolate Museum? Travel through time to find out all there is to know about chocolate. Check out the different age group tickets you can purchase here for a range of interactive activities specially designed for your child’s age group. 

This museum is the best thing in Barcelona for kids! And for big kids like my husband and I., I am not sure who enjoyed their time here more, the kids or the adults!

Join a Camp Nou tour

Whether you are a Barca fan or not, or even a football fan, the tour of Camp Nou is worth the visit. However, it is good to check ahead of time for dates of football matches because terms and the museum is not open during match days. 

The museum within Camp Nou is full of memorabilia of past and present sporting greats. Then head down to see one of the biggest football stores you have ever seen! Become part of the Barcelona family and order a jersey or pair of Barca boots with your name on them. If that isn’t your thing, don’t worry too much; there is everything you can imagine in one shop.

camp nour

Things to do at night in Barcelona   

Book a meal at Hard Rock Cafe

I know your time in Barcelona with kids is minimal, and there are plenty of great places to eat Spanish food. But, and that is a big but, not all kids when touring a new country will want to eat the local foods. So the best way to compromise is to offer them something they are familiar with one night; in return, they will try the local cuisine the next night.  

Besides, The Hard Rock Cafe has that fun, busy vibe that all kids find exciting. Just remember to book in advance (especially during high season); otherwise, you will either miss out entirely or be waiting in a queue so long that even the kids will no longer want to eat there. 

Hardrock cafe barcelona with kids

Watch the Magic Fountains Show

Although this is something you can do during the day, it is always more fun in the late afternoon or early evening (depending on the season you visit). 

The Fountains come to life and are a must-see in Barcelona with kids. Just remember that the Magic fountains show does not operate on Mondays.

Attend a football match at Camp Nou

For my sports (particularly football) crazed kids, this was by far the highlight of the trip. Whether you are a Barca fan or not, the appreciation of watching a world-class team at a world-class stadium is impressive.

The atmosphere was truly unique and worth every cent we paid (yes, the tickets can be expensive). Hear the fans sing, the crowd cheer and the music play; worth a visit with kids.

Barca football game

Spend some time at La Pedrera -Casa Mila

Gaudi also designed this building, and you would be forgiven for thinking that Barcelona should be named Gaudi instead. However, this place can also be visited during the day, so if that suits you better, there are many packages to choose from here.

Children under 7 are free. However, they are probably more suited for daytime tours. Please note that most tours are in Spanish or Catalan. So there is also the option to tour the place on your own if that suits you better.

Where to stay in Barcelona with kids

Key Family Cosy Home

Most of the time, an apartment is the most comfortable option with kids because there is plenty of space, and there is usually a washer and dryer (because with kids, this is always handy).

It is also great when you have a kitchen so breakfast can be more accessible to little ones. Although we stayed in an apartment with the kids on our last trip, we bought pastries fresh from the bakery down the road each morning. 

The Gothic Quarter in barcelona with kids

El Avenida Palace

El Avenida Palace is an ideal location right next to Las Rambla. The site is close to main tourist destinations and many public transport stations.

This hotel is perfect for families as you can book a family room which is ideal for families with small children. Barcelona for kids has never been more convenient at this hotel.

Duquesa de Cardona 4* Sup

The Duquesa de Cardona 4*Supis in the Gothic Quarter, which is convenient to Las Rambla, the beaches, and many tourist spots. We stayed in this area before and loved the convenience and, of course, the architecture.

If you prefer a hotel when visiting Barcelona with kids, this is an excellent option as it is family-friendly and accommodates children. It also has a restaurant if you want an early night with the children.

Food to try in Barcelona with kids


Although Paella means “frying pan” in Valencian, it is a dish that should be tasted in any part of Spain. You can not visit Spain without trying the Paella dish; there are many different types, but my favourite is Paella de marisco (Paella with seafood), and it is just that full of fresh, delicious seafood.


Spanish omelette

This recipe can date back to the 16th century; it is not only a part of history that you will be tasting, but it is always a crowd favourite with the kids. 

Calamares and squid

Calamari was first discovered in Italy, but it is always an easy option when dining with kids. However, if the adults want to learn more about Barcelona, dive into the inked squid. Not a favourite with everyone, but it rates a mention.


Okay, so the Croquetta was first created in France. However, this is a delicacy worth trying in this part of the world. My favourite stuffing is mashed potatoes (croquetas de papa). The fluffy potato inside and the crispy crumbed outside make this a must-try on your trip. 

croquettas in barcelona with kids


Visiting Spain and not eating Chorizo is like visiting Italy and not eating pasta. It is a must! You will find it in many places and served in many ways. My children love it, but it isn’t to all children’s taste. 


Okay, so this one is definitely not for the kids. Sangria means bloodletting in Spanish. Sangria’s origins can be traced back to the 18th century. However, the Greeks and Italians were doing something similar for centuries!


Crema Catalana

You will be happy to know that the origins of crema Catalana were created in Catalonia by Jewish settlers. Very similar to a crème brûlée but crema Catalana has fine corn flour, and the crème brûlée doesn’t.

Chocolate croissants.

Yes, I know the French introduced the croissant, and an Austrian Baker introduced the chocolate croissant. But still, this is a crowd favourite and love of children’s palettes. 

chocolate croissant


Hop-On Hop-off bus

If you have limited time, I highly recommend the hop-on, hop-off bus, even with children (in fact, I encourage it). When you receive your ticket, you will also receive the map; here is where you can mark off the places of interest.

You can either plan ahead of time or make one complete loop of the bus route and then decide where you want to jump off next time through. It is the most convenient and time-efficient way to travel in Barcelona with kids.

Other things you need to know 

Travel Insurance

SafetyWing is the World’s first International Travel Medical Insurance developed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and remote workers travelling or living abroad. Perfect for those who will be away for long periods, live and work abroad or are nomad travellers. However, insurance is for more than just people living abroad; there are other options worth investigating for anyone looking to go on vacation. 

Visa Requirements

If you are still determining whether you need a visa, check online before going. For example, the ivisa website is a quick and easy way to check whether your passport requires a permit.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope this post has given you the information you need. If you have any recommendations, tips or advice, I would love for you to share them in the comment section below!

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