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Best things to do at JBR in 2024

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I visited Dubai in February for five days. I had no clue what JBR was, and it was nowhere on my Dubai itinerary. I might have missed JBR if my sister was not living close to it. Just a few steps from my sister’s home, I was lucky to visit JBR twice. The first visit was the same eve of the day I landed, just before sunset. It was like: “HELLO, DUBAI.” The second visit was on the eve prior to my early morning flight. It was like: “BYE DUBAI, WILL MISS YOU!”. Two completely different feelings, right?

Going back in time, I think that JBR certainly deserved much more of my time. Had I planned it better, I could have done justice to it. Had I known about it prior to my visit, I could have explored it better. Dubai is just a few hours away from Delhi, so I definitely will make it to JBR, but for those who come from faraway countries, it can be an effort to visit Dubai again. This article is a must-read if you are planning a trip to Dubai. Read on to know what JBR is and why it gets a big thumbs up from me.


Why is it named JBR?

JBR is a man-made beach. JBR is a short form for Jumeirah Beach Residence. ‘Residence’ because it is a residential complex. In fact, JBR is the biggest residential complex in the whole world! There are around 35 towers housing 15,000 residents in total. 

Where is JBR located?

JBR Beach is located in the southern part of Dubai. It is just a few meters away from the very popular Dubai Marina. JBR is the biggest Beach in Dubai. The strip extends up to 1.7 kilometres. JBR is a man-made beach but looks damn real. It has proper waves! You have to visit it to believe how real it looks! 

The views from JBR

The setting of the Beach is rather interesting; each angle has a different view to offer. The front view is the never-ending sea. JBR gives a clear view of Ain Dubai, which is the highest Ferris wheel in the whole world. If you look beyond the sea, very far away on the right, you will see the Atlantis, one of the best hotels in Dubai. 

The backdrop of the Beach consists of sky-high, never-ending hi-risers. These buildings are a mix of residences and hotels. The much talked about ‘Address Beach Resort’ is one of them. The Address has the highest infinity pool. The pool is on the 77th floor and was designed by the same team who designed the Museum of Future. It clearly stood out among the other sea-facing skyscrapers of JBR. 


Hotels to stay in at JBR

Besides residences, Jumeirah Beach Residence is also home to luxury hotel chains like Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Le Royal Meridien and many more. The views from the sea-facing rooms are splendid. If you are visiting Dubai and planning to splurge on accommodation, consider hotels in JBR. Besides 5-star hotels, there are 4-star and 3-star hotels too, which are much cheaper but lack views. 

Why should one visit JBR?

JBR is a trendy beach. Bustling with the crowd, its vibe is infectious. The crowd mainly consists of tourists and residents. One can easily spend a full day at JBR without getting bored. There is a massive difference between the day and the night vibe of the Beach. It’s like two different beaches. During the day, the Beach with fine white sand and many water activities JBR is like a regular beach. The nighttime is when it becomes a wonderland! 

What to do at JBR

There is no dearth of water activities at JBR. You can opt for parasailing, snorkelling, wakeboarding etc. Though the Beach is open all day, you can indulge in water activities till sunset only. If you are feeling lazy, just carry a mat, spread it and enjoy the views. If getting tanned is not your thing, grab a sun lounger with an umbrella. The Entry is free, and you can carry your own food and beverages.

Photo by ieva swanson on Unsplash

Other attractions in JBR

Entertainment zones- Games in the entertainment zones keep adults and children busy. You can attempt to throw some basketball in hoops, hit the bottles, or maybe just play balloon dart. There are many prizes to be won. You can even win an iPhone! Besides activity booths, there are rides for all age groups.

The Walk- A beautiful promenade, ‘The Walk’ is a delight to walk on. The wall art adds colour to the promenade. Street artists and performers make their audience swoon away to their tunes. A lot of shops, eateries and food trucks can be found on ‘The Walk’.

The Beach- A shopping arcade The Beach has lots to offer. It has restaurants, shops, cinemas and much more. It is a great option if you want to enjoy a meal, shop or watch a movie indoors. The Beach has around 50 outlets serving delicious food.

Bla Bla- Bla Bla is an enormous venue which includes 21 unique bars, a stunning Ibiza-style beach club and a restaurant serving different cuisines. Children are not allowed at Bla Bla, which can be a deal breaker for families with children. But if you are a young group, don’t even think twice.

Dubai government is unexpectedly lenient at JBR. Unlike other parts of Dubai, where one is supposed to be appropriately dressed, JBR is different. You can easily spot men in trunks and women in swimsuits and bikinis, just like you would in the West. It’s in Dubai but still not in Dubai!

JBR arcade

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. I hope this post has given you the information you need. If you have any recommendations, tips or advice, I would love for you to share them in the comment section below!

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Best things to do at JBR

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