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10 reasons to visit Hobart this 2024

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A little bit of Hobart’s history

Although Abel Tasman named the island Anthony Van Diemens land back in 1642, although eventually shorted and called Van Diemen’sDiemen’s Land, it was officially changed in 1856 to honour the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. The latter was the first European to discover this piece of Land. 

However, it was in 1803 that the first European settlement in Hobart began and was explicitly built as a prison and defensive outpost. Originally established on the eastern shores of Derwent river, a place named Risdon Cove was eventually moved in 1804 up the river to Sullivans Cove. 

By 1811, Hobart had established a township with hotels, shops, a hospital and church, housing and a quarry. A newspaper also popped up along with jobs in milling, brewing (yes, beer brewery) and shipbuilding, which makes it Australia’sAustralia’s second-oldest town.

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Why visit Tasmania?

Tasmania has a little bit of something for everyone. Think natural beauty, fresh produce, rugged mountain hiking and gorgeous beaches. So why wouldn’t you want to visit this part of Australia?  

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The best time to visit Hobart

I believe anytime is the best time to visit Hobart, Tasmania. It can get cold during winter, but it also comes with cosy fireplaces in pubs, fantastic fresh produce at the restaurants and fewer tourists to interrupt your stay.

The weather in summer isn’t too hot either, with a maximum (usually) in the early ’20s’20s (Celcius). And the nights are a little cooler, so ensure you bring something to keep you warm at night (all year round).

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What is a Tasmanian Devil?

Tasmanian Devils, named for their otherworldly howling many years ago, are the biggest carnivorous marsupials in the world. However, due to their rapid decline, the Tasmanian Devil is now on the endangered list of species. They are dark brown or black, weigh from 4kg to 14kg, and are about 30cm tall.

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How to get to Hobart

Hobart airport to Hobart city

Bus – You can catch the Skybus from Hobart Airport to Hobart, which is an approximately 45-minute bus ride. You can book online, head to the baggage carousel area, and purchase a ticket there too.

Taxi/Uber – These are by far the easiest and most efficient ways to get into the city. You can either use your uber app or head to the taxi line right in front of the terminal. 

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Ten reasons to visit Hobart

Check out the new art at MONA.

MONA Hobart

Spend the day on Bruny Island

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Wander around Salamanca market

I love the local market, and the Salamanca market is a great one to explore. From local produce to local products, they have it all. So whether you are there to taste the local products (and you should, by the way) or pick up something from your time in Hobart, this is the place to find it. 

salamanca market

Visit Wineglass Bay

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Hop on one of Hobart’s Historic cruise

Whisky tasting at Hobarts Lark Distillery

If you aren’t a whisky drinker, do not worry. The selection of gin cocktails is worth heading over there. 

larks distillery Hobart

Enjoy the views that Mount Wellington brings.

Mount Wellington is 1271 metres tall, so the views from the top are amazing. Whether you drive to the top or for those wanting the full experience, go halfway and hike the rest of the way (approximately a 3-hour hike). The views are worth the 3-hour hike – you can thank me later.

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Step back in time to Port Arthur

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Explore the beauty of Mount field national park

Mount Field National Park is one of Hobart’s best places to visit. It is approximately a 1-hour drive from Hobart, where you will find many of Tasmania’s local wildlife, such as the eastern quoll. 

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Other Recommendations for Places to visit in Tasmania

Port Arthur Lavender farm

lavender farm hobart

Wrest Point Casino

Federation Artisan Chocolate

Please pop in and watch them make this delicious chocolate treat. Federation Artisan Chocolate is slightly different in how the cacao is grown. This full-bean stoneground chocolate is handcrafted, and each bean supplier grows its bean in other regions and microclimates. 

We make authentic, less processed, more ethical, and sustainable chocolate.

federation artisian chocolate

Hop on, Hop off bus experience

Seafood at the harbour

seafood in Hobart

Where to stay in Hobart




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Reasons to visit Hobart

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