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The Comprehensive Guide to Finding and Using Car Rental Promo Codes

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Are you thinking of hiring a car in Dubai? If so this guide has everything you need to know to about using promo codes for your next rental car.

Finding and effectively using these codes can be tricky, but we are solving the issue in this comprehensive guide. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to score the best deals on your next car rental. So there is no further delay. We are going into the promotional world of car rental companies in Dubai.  

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Understanding Car Rental Promo Codes

What are car rental promo codes?

Car rental promo codes are alphanumeric codes provided by car rental companies or third-party platforms that offer discounts, special offers, or perks when renting a vehicle. This availability is for people who pre-book online or in person. 

How do they work?

These work at the time of booking. When you apply these codes, the total cost is calculated, and the discounted price is taken off. When you enter a valid promo code during the reservation process, your overall cost is reduced, and you must pay less. 

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Types of promo codes 

Promo codes for car rentals come in various types, including:

  • Percentage discounts: These codes offer a percentage off the total rental cost.
  • Flat-rate discounts: These codes provide a fixed dollar amount discount on the rental.
  • Free upgrades: Some promo codes may offer a free upgrade to a larger vehicle class or a higher trim level.
  • Free rental days: Certain codes may grant an extra day or days of rental at no additional charge.

Special offers: Promo codes may include special perks such as free additional drivers, waived fees, or complimentary add-ons.

Where to find promo codes?

The next thing we’re going to discuss is where to find the promo codes, which are available through various channels. 

  • Official websites of car rental companies often feature promotional offers and codes.
  • Third-party platforms are also the way to avail of promos, codes, coupons, and deal forums. Travel blogs are the main type of this, where recommendations and coupons are the best way to enjoy discounts. 
  • Loyalty programs offered by car rental companies or affiliated brands may provide members with exclusive promo codes and discounts.
  • Email newsletters and social media accounts  always love to surprise and give the promo codes to their followers and to those who subscribe their letter and email. 

Tips for Finding Promo Codes

Here, we will provide tips for finding the promo codes, such as 

  • Sign up for newsletters: One of the best ways to make yourself available is to sign up for the newsletter or email, where you will receive all the recent info. 
  • Follow on social media: The social media following of rental companies also keeps you notified about the promos. 
  • Check third-party websites like RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, and Groupon frequently list car rental promo codes.
  • Join loyalty programs: Members of car rental loyalty programs often receive exclusive discounts and promo codes.

Best Practices for Using Promo Codes

  • Check for restrictions and expiration dates: Ensure the promo code is valid for your rental dates and location.
  • Compare prices: Sometimes, businesses and companies use tricks to elevate the overall cost and, after that, apply the code; this way, the overall price remains the same. So, searching correctly and finding a suitable company where applying promos gives you money-related benefits is necessary. 
  • Use credit card benefits: Certain credit cards offer perks like rental car insurance and discounts, which can complement promo code savings.
  • Be aware of blackout dates: there are days when the codes are not available, and those are the peak season days.
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Examples of Popular Car Rental Promo Codes:

Let’s find some famous car rental promo codes. 

AAA discounts

AAA discounts: Many car rental companies offer discounts to members of the American Automobile Association (AAA). These discounts can vary but often offer significant savings on the rental cost. These bookings can be done only through their websites.

Costco member discounts

Costco Wholesale, a membership-based warehouse club, partners with certain car rental companies to offer discounted rates and special offers to Costco members. 

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AARP member discounts

The next is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), which offers its members access to various discounts and benefits, including discounts on car rentals. They give a promotional range when booking through their website.

Corporate discount codes

Many companies have negotiated corporate discount agreements with car rental companies to provide discounted rates to their employees for business travel. These corporate discount codes can often be used for personal rentals, offering employees and their families access to lower rental rates. The employer usually provides corporate discount codes and may require employment verification or a specific company code during the booking process.

Weekend rental specials

 The following promo code example is for weekend rental specials. As the name suggests, these are available by renting a car on the weekends (typically Friday through Monday). Promo codes for weekend rental specials can often be found on the car rental company’s website or through promotional emails and advertisements. 

There, we sign off after providing all the necessary info about the promo codes for the rentals. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to find and use car rental promo codes to your advantage, allowing you to enjoy significant savings on your next rental vehicle. Happy travels, take codes, and save your money.

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